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taken from my take-home astronomy exam:

rofl <3

some dumbass in my class was criticizing him while i was walking to the library. i wanted to punch her face in. she's this woman for whom science totally escapes, even rather self-explanatory concepts (not even related to physics!), and asks him questions about crap he just said (and he's really rather good at explaining complicated concepts re: physics and science). and she has been annoying me all semester. not because she asks questions in class, or even 'stupid' questions. it's because she's made it to her age and she's acting like a 16 year old who, liak, toadaly just doesn't get it omg lol!! science is so weird!!11 and yeah, she takes notes and shit, and probably reads her text, but she isn't trying to give a fuck. which makes me mad.

anyway she says something like how he teaches poorly and that he's really weird and that's why no-one in class responds to him. no, the reason no-one in class responds to him is because everyone in class thinks they're better than him for some fucking reason and it makes me so fucking mad. this isn't to say Dr Sutter is better than anyone. i just mean, you know, i feel like my classmates are like 'lolololol uncool geeky nerd guy who loves science rofl rofl what a weirdo.' he's only 34, if i recall correctly, but they act like he's this out-of-touch old man. and i guess he is out-of-touch but it's just because he isn't conventional and whatever. he's fucking hilarious and no-one gets his jokes. that's not his fault. and he's such a happy guy even though he knows practically no-one in his astronomy courses pay attention (although he seems to have better luck with his general physics courses).

so, Dr Eric Sutter from Ulster County Community College... if you happen to google yourself one day and find my journal entry, i just want you to know that you are awesome and one of the best professors in the world and i'm the one in your class who laughs at all your jokes and actually writes them down to tell her friends later ('Mercury is like the Rodney Dangerfield of the solar system...') and if it didn't get me escorted off-campus i would have smacked the shit out of everyone and bitched at them to pay the fuck attention and give you the respect you deserve!! I AM GOING TO MISS YOU SO MUCH I WISH I COULD TAKE YOUR ASTRONOMY CLASSES EVERY FUCKING SEMESTER.

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